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Welcome to Hotel Iris , a wonderful hotel which is located on Petricani 17 street near to the DAAC HERMES center, SUPRATEN, Crinela ,Bucuria, several banks, shopping centers ,nonprofit organizations, skating center IceBravo. Close to Stefan cel Mare boulevard there are only 5 minutes of the North bus station and 2 minutes from the railway station.

Places to visit:

Milestii Mici Winery

The Wine Collection of Milestii Mici (1.5 Mn bottles) is registered in the Guiness World Records for being the biggest in the world. Stretching for 250 kilometres (160 mi), the Milestii Mici cellar complex is also the largest in the world.

National Museum

This is the oldest museum in the Republic of Moldova being founded in 1889 by A. Stuard. The museum is built in an oriental style being the only buiding of this kind in Moldova.

Capriana Monastery

Capriana monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Basarabia. It is situated only 35 km north - west of Chisinau, at the Isnovat locality, on the bunch of the river with the same name (Isnavat).

Metropolitan cathedral from Chisinau

Located centrally in Parcul Catedralei, Chisinau main Orthodox Catheral was originally built in the 1830s but it was heavily bombed during the second World War, and Communists destroyed its original bell tower in the 1960s. This picturesque little cathedral is definitely worth a visit.

National Archeology and History Museum

The National Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova takes place among the most important museum institutions of the Republic of Moldova, in terms of both its collection and scientific prestige.

Orheiuil Vechi Settlement

This is an ancient settlement situated in the left bank of the Raut river about 50 km northeast of Chisinau. In the Middle Ages, two medieval towns were set up here. The first one Sehr-al-cedid (New Town) occupied almost the whole territory of the settlement (268 ha) belongs to the Golden Horde (XIVth century); the second one is the ancient Moldavian town of Orhei, which was established here in the XVth - XVIth centuries.

Soroca town : medieval fortress, Gipsies and their king, the candle of gratitude

Soroca town is situated 160 km north of Chisinau on the western bank of the Dniestr river. In the medieval times it had a particular importance for the defense system of Moldova against the invasions of tartars, polyaks, Cossacks, ottomans and Slavs from the East. Nowadays its a small Moldovan town on the Dniestr river bordering Ukraine and famous for its fortress, the largest Gipsy community in Moldova, sand stone rocks and the candle of gratitude up on a mountain that opens to a traveler a very nice view of the town and surroundings.

National Theatre “Mihai Eminescu”

First stable theatre in romanian from Bessarabia, whose legal successor is the current National theatre in Chisinau, the the cultural bridge between Moldova and Romania, which was founded in October 10, 1920, by a group of leaders of local public life headed by Sergiu Nita- the Minister of Bessarabia into the Romanian government, Stefan Ciobanu- member of Romanian Academy, writers: Nicholae Beldiceanu, Nicholae Beldiman, Leon Donici and the director Gheorghe Dumitriu Mitu.

Hincu Monastery

The Hincu Monastery lies 55 km to the west of Chişinău and was set up by Mihai Hincu on the insistence of his daughter. The Soviet administration had the convent sealed between 1956 and 1990, during which time it was converted to a sanatorium. After 1990, it was restored as a convent when popular opinion dictated it was time for change

“Codrii” Natural Reservation

The oldest scientific nature reserve in Moldova is situated near Lozova, 50 km from Chisinau, and is called "Codrii". It was founded on September 27, 1971. Scientific nature reserves are highly protected and divided into 3 functional zones: a strictly protected zone, a buffer zone, and an intermediate zone.

Saharna Monastery

Saharna Monastery is situated at the distance of 8 km from Rezina town, 45 km from Orhei town and 120 km from Chisinau city. The monastic complex is a natural reservation; it encompasses 670 ha and is under the government protection.

Tipova Monastery

Situated near the locality with the same name, Tipova Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the Republic of Moldova. The monastery is spaded in stone on the bunch of Nistru River.

The Chisinău Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The Chisinău Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova was founded in 1950 by the Russian Academy of Science. The garden is located in Chisinău, Botanica,Moldova and covers an area of 76 hectares.

National Art Museum of Moldova

National Art Museum of Moldova is situated in the centre of Chisinau and is the only institution of such a type in Republic of Moldova. It is placed in three representative buildings which are genuine architectural monuments erected at the end of the 19th commence of the 20th centuries.